CBCDashboard Management, LLC was founded by Robert Counts and Chad Counts of Counts Business Consulting, LLC in 2013. The company was founded for two primary reasons:
1) To empower Auto Recyclers by placing the most important analytic data in their hands so that they can quickly monitor company health and growth.
2) To give back the time Auto Recyclers spend gathering and analyzing data allowing increased time for planning and managing the growth of the company.
CBCDashboard, a web application, provides the latest and most sophisticated business analysis in the Automotive Recycling Industry. It is compatible with both Pinnacle Professional and Powerlink 2 inventory management systems. Our goal is to provide instant decision making data allowing more time to plan, manage and implement the company vision.
CBCDashboard combines automated and manual entry data collection with formulas that analyze the performance of the entire company. Analytics focus on each facet of the company: Personnel, Buying, Inventory, Income, Sales Activity, Operations, and Financial. Most of the data will come from the Inventory Management System. Some data such as personnel count and cost, number of bays and routes run per day will need to be manually entered.
CBCDashboard KPI graphs gives instant analytics that allow the company to quickly keep tabs on the most critical areas of the business. Owners and managers can see when progress or problems are occurring. Analysis can be run for a specific time or year-to-year comparisons., and create sub accounts with limited access for lower level managers.
CBCDashboard allows profit teams and owner’s groups to view each other’s performance IF companies opt into this feature.
CBCDashboard wants to improve the company by providing instant access to expert analysis and by giving you the knowledge and time to: Make – More – Money.

Robert Counts

Small business owner.
Consultant to the automotive recycling and towing industries in the United States, Canada, and the UK.
Owner, Founder of Counts Business Consulting, LLC.
Managing Partner and Co-Founder of CBCDashboard Management, LLC

Chad Counts

Small business owner.
Consultant to the automotive recycling industry in the United States with Counts Business Consulting.
General Partner and Co-Founder of CBC Dashboard Management, LLC